10 no Himitsu (2020)


Drama , Drama , Suspense , Japanese | Episodes 10+

7.5 116 10 0


Shirakawa Keita works as a building inspector. He is a single father, who has raised his 14 year-old-daughter Hitomi alone since his divorce with ex-wife Sendai Yukiko. Yukiko works as a corporate lawyer for a large construction company. After his ex-wife left, Keita placed his daughter as a priority, making him the ideal father. One day, Keita receives a phone call. The caller informs him that "I have your daughter. If you want to save her life, go to your ex-wife." While looking for his daughter, Keita uncovers secrets about his daughter and ex-wife.


Watabe Atsuro Utsunomiya Ryuji Support Role
Naka Riisa Ishikawa Nanako Support Role
Matsumura Hokuto Date Tsubasa Support Role
Yamada Anna Shirakawa Hitomi [Keita's daughter] Support Role
Fujiwara Mitsuhiro Support Role
Yamano Umi Support Role
Natori Yuko Support Role
Hotta Akane Support Role
Endo Yuya Support Role
Nakama Yukie Sendai Yukiko Main Role
Mukai Osamu Shirakawa Keita Main Role
Goto Noriko Unknown Role