2 Brothers (2019)

Plans to Love Older Brother, 2 Brothers แผนลวงรักฉบับพี่ชาย

Drama , Thailand | Episodes 13

7.7 3430 10 0


For the "2 BROTHERS" series, there will be 12 episodes, which is the story of finding the missing heir. And must return to inherit the family But there is a story Because the heirs that come are not true heirs or not That must be joined to win and find answers together, starring Tao Tao Sethapong Suang, Bass-Suradech Phiwitr, Fang-Thanan Tanthanee Singha, and many other big actors Will add color to create fun for the story Just an example that is shown at the event is called the screaming loudly. Because this series has a fan base in both the country and the country already. In addition, the dramatist "Oh-Chayakornhiran" also secretly revealed that there will be a surprise guest actor. Which is now in the process of inviting Being a famous Asian artist to join the show, fans must see who they are. But if there are a few problems for this problem Because the most famous Asian artists recently came to the product launch on Sunday, 2 weeks before "Bam Bam" GOT7 just revealed that there might be good news soon about the series in Thailand. Must follow and win


Theewara Bank Support Role
Sun Prachakorn Piyasakulkaew Badin Support Role
Pinnirat Suradej Tony Main Role