24 Hours (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Sci-Fi , Chinese | Episodes 12

7.5 143 10 0


Due to an incident, An Ding unleashes a miraculous ability to turn inanimate objects into people, but only for the duration of 24 hours. As the things in An Ding's house become human, it starts them on a bizarre yet dangerous adventure.


Yu Yue Support Role
Osaki Akira Support Role
Gan Yun Chen Support Role
Zhang Ying Chen Support Role
Chen Yi En Support Role
Ruan Yu Bai Support Role
Jin Di Support Role
Yu Xin Bo Support Role
Yao Xing Zhu Support Role
He Ming Han Support Role
Shen Tai Support Role
Li Hao Nan Main Role
Mavis Pan Main Role
Li Hong Yi Main Role
Will Gu Guest Role
Zhang Xin Kai Guest Role
Gratitude Dai Guest Role
Chen Zi Han Guest Role
Li Meng Nan Guest Role