4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas (2019)

크리스마스가 싫은 네 가지 이유

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 6

7.5 174 10 0


Christmas who meet by chance and spend the month of December together. They unexpectedly become a part of each others lives as Christmas.


Do Hee Kang Da Mi Support Role
Jeon Hye Yeon Park Jin Ho Support Role
Kim Yeon Seo Lee Ha Rim Main Role
Park Shi An Jeong Pu Reum Main Role
Jung Hwi Young Kim Ba Da Main Role
Mun Sang Min Yeom Se Jin Main Role
Min Hyo Won Kim Do Young (Ep. 4) Guest Role
Jung Shin Hye Jung Ji Won (Ep. 4) Guest Role