5 Bros (2019)

Five Cranky Brothers, 괴팍한5형제

Drama , Comedy , Kshow , Korean | Episodes 100

7.6 269 10 0


It's JTBC pilot episode during the Chuseok holiday. The show centers around the 5 "cranky" and unique cast members as they gather together to talk about life. Five tricky and weird casts come together to talk and discuss anything about ordinary, diverse topics in their lives. 


Seo Jang Hoon Main Host
Kang Mi Na (Ep. 1) Guest
Sol Bi (Ep. 3) Guest
Im Da Young (Ep. 5) Guest
Min Kyung Hoon Guest brother (Ep. 1) Guest
Park Joon Main Host
Bona (Ep. 5) Guest
JeA (Ep. 2) Guest
Miryo (Ep. 2) Guest
Ga In (Ep. 2) Guest
Park So Hyun (Ep. 4) Guest
EXY (Ep. 5) Guest
Lee Lu Da (Ep. 5) Guest
SinB (Ep. 6) Guest
Yuju (Ep. 6) Guest
Sowon (Ep. 6) Guest
Eunha (Ep. 6) Guest
Umji (Ep. 6) Guest
Kang Seung Hyun (Ep. 4) Guest
Hwang Chi Yeul Guest brother (Ep. 3) Guest
Lee Jin Hyuk Main Host
Kim Jong Kook Main Host
Heo Young Ji (Ep. 3) Guest
Boo Seung Kwan (Ep. 4 - Present) Main Host
Yerin (Ep. 6) Guest
Jang Do Yeon (Ep. 1) Guest
Narsha (Ep. 2) Guest
Lee Eun Hyuk Guest brother (Ep. 2) Guest