A Fist Within Four Walls (2016)


Drama , Martial Arts , HK | Episodes 28

7.6 1195 10 0


Bearing the grief of losing his family, Chor Au-kuen returns to the Kowloon Walled City in hopes of finding his long lost sister, only to find that the very place he grew up in has become a lawless no man’s land. Concealing his real identity as a Bajiquan master, Au-kuen creates a new identity and gets acquainted with the feisty and sassy Tiu Lan, the lady boss of a hair salon; Duen Ying-fung, a dentist; and But Tak-liu, a water worker. Au-kuen also impresses the highly skilled martial artist Yuk Bo-fung, who owns a store across the street from Tiu Lan’s hair salon. To restore law and order in the walled city, Au-kuen unites everyone to form a welfare association to resist the triads. However, this decision causes a clash between him and Bo-fung’s son Lung Shing-fu, who is an underground Muay Thai fighter. Just as things are finally getting on course, a key figure in a powerful triad mysteriously dies under the hands of a Bajiquan master. Au-kuen and Tiu Lan investigate, and their investigation leads them to Fa Man, the leader of a stripping dance troupe. But one discovery leads to another, and Au-kuen finds himself uncovering the truth behind his father’s death. The burden behind his family’s mystery may have been lifted, but not all is well. Au-kuen still carries one more painful memory that he’s unable to let go—that the one he trusts the most is actually a member of a gang of ruthless assassins.


Wu Nancy Tiu Lan Main Role
Chan Ruco Chor Au Kuen Main Role
Ng Philip Lung Shing Fu Main Role
Yuen Qiu Yuk Bo Fung Main Role
Wong Grace Fa Man Main Role
Yuen Benjamin Duen Ying Fung Main Role
Lam Alex But Tak Liu Supporting Role
Lam Bella Lee Wai Yam Supporting Role
Ng Carlo Fung Chun Mei Supporting Role
Wong Jonathan Duen Chit Keung [Young] Supporting Role
Leung Lily Chor Ching Miu Supporting Role
Chan Penny Yip Fai Supporting Role
Chow Doris Man Yeuk Supporting Role
Chan Apple Yeung To Supporting Role
Cheung Jonathan Kap San Supporting Role
Au Jimmy Yeung Chuk Luen Supporting Role
Cheung Carat Wu Nei Supporting Role
Tam Zoie Lau Tai Supporting Role
Lau Moon Or Tak Lei Supporting Role
Nguyen Chloe Lai Chau Supporting Role
Tong Natalie Choi Shuk Kuen Guest Role
Kwan Kimmy Ng Yi Lai Guest Role