A Korean Odyssey (2017)

Hwayuki, 화유기

Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | Episode 20

8.2 34199 10 0


his Hong sisters drama is a reinterpretation of classic chinese novel “Journey to the West” into the present days with a romantic-fantasy twist. The story depicts the journey of seeking true light in the dark world of 2017 where the evil gods are widespread.


Lee El Ma Ji Young Support Role
Kim Sung Oh Lee Han Joo Support Role
Song Jong Ho Kang Dae Sung Support Role
Kal So Won Jin Sun Mi (young) Support Role
Lee Se Young Bong Soon Support Role
Jang Gwang Yoon Dae Sik Support Role
Yoon Bora Alice Support Role
Hong Jung Eun Screenwriter
Hong Mi Ran Screenwriter
Jung Jae Won A mysterious youth Support Role
Lee Hong Ki P.K Support Role
Sung Ji Ru Soobori Support Role
Sung Hyuk General Dong Support Role
Oh Yeon Seo Jin Sun Mi Main Role
Cha Seung Won King Wooma Main Role
Lee Seung Gi Son O Gong Main Role
Kim Jee Soo Na Chal-Nyeo (special appearance) Guest Role

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Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean