A Life Time Love (2017)

Once Promised, Ancient Love Song, Ancient Time's Love Song, 上古情歌

Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 54

7.7 5246 10 0


Hua's novel, 'Once Promised ' starring Huang Xiaoming as Ming Buyi and Victoria Song as Mu Qingmo. The drama will be directed by Cai Jinsheng and written by Jun Rao.


Huang Xiao Ming Ming Bu Yi Main Role
Song Victoria Mu Qing Mo Main Role
He Chuck Cai Jing Sheng Supporting Role
Wu Janice Supporting Role
Zhai Ronald Yu Chen Supporting Role
Hao Ze Jia Qi Nv Supporting Role
Li Shang En Mu Qing Mo [Young] Supporting Role
Kuang Can Xuan Yi Supporting Role
Luo Yunxi Xuan Yang Zhi Ruo Supporting Role
Sheng Peter Sheng Lun Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance , Chinese