A Scholar Dream of Woman (2015)


Drama , Business , Drama , Family , Chinese | Episodes 47

7.8 286 10 0


Early Republic times, around 1911. Chen Bi Yun, a prodigy from the South is willing to battle for her right to study. In order to find out the truth behind her father's death, she puts her own happiness on the line, risking it all while marrying into Xuan family, wealthy owners of the biggest library. This step, however, instead of bringing her closer to her beloved books, will throw her into internal power struggles between different members of the family. Will she be able to overcome the storms and gain the right to pursue her scholar dreams?


Han Dong Xuan Xiao Ji Main Role
Zhang Lemon Shen Bi Yun Main Role
Wu Janice Xuan Ming Yue Supporting Role
Hou Rui Xiang Er Li Zi Supporting Role
Zi Wei Xuan Ze En Supporting Role
Mao Zi Jun Wu Shi Supporting Role