A Thousand Goodnights (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: SET TV, TTV, Vidol

A Thousand Goodnights (2018)


Drama , Drama , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 20

7.7 356 10 0


It was six years ago since the last time I participated in the performance of the three-point Chinese opera "Love Maid". Zhang Dongliang (1st) and Lian Yuhan, Li Zonglin, Yao Aizhen and others attended the Taiwan TV and Sanli New Sunday idol drama "One Thousand A good night, the opening conference, facing the 12-year-old opponent actor Li Zonglin, 36-year-old Zhang Dongliang was asked not afraid of being considered uncle? He confidently said with a smile: "Please, I am not 40 years old! And the uncle is very hot now, not to mention that I just debuted early." And even Yu Yu cooperated with Zhang Dongliang for the first time. The song, since she started shooting, she feels the greatest welfare, that is, she can hear Zhang Dongliang singing.


Zhu Lu Hao Support Role
Chen Bo Zheng Dai He Support Role
Miao Ke Li Kuan Jie Support Role
Teo Nicholas Main Role
Lien Luna Dai Tian Qing Main Role
Yao Pipi Dai Tian Yu Main Role
Li Chung Lin Wu Bai Sen Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Romance , Taiwan