Airborne Blade (2019)


Drama , Action , Crime , Military , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 50

9 1560 10 0


With actual combat as their training ground, a team of paratroopers pushes hard to level up their fighting abilities and complete different missions. Set in the foreground of military reform, the story follows military men like Zhang Qi and Qi Xiao Tian. To develop an air force that can compete in the global stage, a special team called Guo Gai Tou has gathered. After the initial adjustment period, Guo Gai Tou began fighting wars North and South and challenging greater enemies. Warriors from Guo Gai Tou who are dispatched to other teams become aces in the field. 


Xing Jia Dong Pan Ye Support Role
Zhang He Qi Xiao Tian Support Role
Mario Li Qiao Dong/ Qiao Liang Support Role
Liu Feng Chao Qin Chu An Support Role
Levin Gao Su Zi Jin Support Role
Li Frida Lin Jun Jiao Main Role
Jia Jerry Zhang Qi Main Role