Alive - Gan Senmoni no Karte (2020)

アライブ がん専門医のカルテ

Drama , Drama , Family , Medical , Japanese | Episodes 10+

7.7 143 10 0


Onda Kokoro is an oncologist called Dr Onkoro for short by the people around her and teased that she was born for this path. She got married to Takumi, whom she had known since she was a student, and they had a son. Life was going smoothly for her. But three months ago, her husband fell in an accident and remained unconsciousness even though he underwent emergency surgery. Although Kokoro puts on a brave face at work, she still has not been able to accept reality. One day, she meets Kajiyama Kaoru, a competent gastroenterologist who has transferred to work at the hospital. Kaoru understands the need for oncology as a surgeon and gives emotional support with her sunny personality as a colleague. She becomes a dear friend whom Kokoro feels is sudden a ray of light in her personal and professional life…


Okazaki Sae Natsuki Nami [Resident] Support Role
Fujii Takashi Morino Mitsuo [Kokoro's colleague] Support Role
Kinoshita Houka Akutsu Akira [Director of the Oncology Division] Support Role
Nakamura Shunsuke Onda Takumi [Kokoro's husband] Support Role
Tanabe Seiichi Sudo Susumu [Kaoru's former boss] Support Role
Kitaoji Kinya Onda Kyotaro [Kokoro's grandfather] Support Role
Kiyohara Sho Yuki Ryo [Resident] Support Role
Takahata Atsuko Kosaka Tamiyo [Patient] Support Role
Sara Ogawa Sakura Riko [Patient] Support Role
Miura Shohei Sekikawa Ryuichi Support Role
Kimura Yoshino Kajiyama Kaoru Main Role
Matsushita Nao Onda Kokoro Main Role