All About Secrets (2017)

Mi Guo; Secret Fruit; 秘果网剧版; Mi Guo Wang Ju Ban, 秘果

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 24

7.7 1678 10 0


Li-Er, who recently broke up with Zhang Yang, is now teaching in Tian Yi High School. Li-Er has a charming air about her, and also has a refreshing teaching style. No matter it's during class or interaction with the students, she is always full of a certain charm that is not found in other teachers. Soon, Li-Er becomes popular and loved by the student community. Duan Bai-Wen, Yu Chi-Zi, Si Jia-Li are 3rd years high school seniors. In their adolescence, they face the usual BGR emotional troubles and concerns. With Li-Er's help and guidance, the students manage to weather these challenges, concentrating their energies on the coming high school examination (Gao Kao), and from there beginning a new phase in their young lives.


Li Landy Yu Chi Zi Main Role
Chen Zhe Yuan Duan Bai Wen Main Role
Liu Jian Yu Feng San Shui Supporting Role
Yu Zhi Hui Si Jia Li Supporting Role
Liang Ariel Jin Suo Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Youth , Chinese