All Quiet in Peking (2014)

All Quiet in Peking, Běipíng wú zhànshì, 北平无战事

Drama , Drama , Historical , Chinese | Episodes 53

7.4 94 10 0


Directed by Kong Sheng and produced by Hou Hong Liang who are famous for their work on titles such as 'Battle of Changsha', and 'Nirvana in Fire', while written by screen writer Liu He Ping. The drama is set during 1948 during an economically difficult time.


Liu Ye Fang Meng Ao Main Role
Chen Bao Guo Xu Tie Ying Main Role
Liao Fan Liang Jing Lun Main Role
Liu Yi Jun Liu Yun Supporting Role
Jiao Huang He Qi Cang Supporting Role
Wang Qing Xiang Fang Buting Supporting Role
Ni Da Hong Xie Pei Dong Supporting Role
Wang Jin Song Wang Pu Chen Supporting Role
Wang Kai Fang Meng Wei Supporting Role
Zhang Lu [Officer] Supporting Role
Zu Feng Cui Zhong Shi Supporting Role
Yue Yang Li Wu Zhi Supporting Role
Wang Yi Nan Ye Bi Yu Supporting Role
Li Chen Qi Mu Tang Guest Role
Cao Wei Yu Unknown Role
Wang Yong Quan Lao Liu Unknown Role
Dong Yong Ceng Ke Da Unknown Role
Jiang Rui Jia Unknown Role