And The Winner is Love (2020)


Drama , Drama , Friendship , Historical , Martial Arts , Romance , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 48

8.2 2521 10 0


A story between Chong Xuezhi, the young mistress of the Fire Palace who sets out on a journey and Shangguan Tou, the master of the Moon Valley who only has eyes for her. Chong Xuezhi, the young mistress of Fire Palace, ventures into the pugilistic world for the first time. She meets Shangguan Tou, the graceful yet imposing master of Moon Valley. The Lotus God Nine Stance Technique, which serves as the Fire Palace's greatest treasure gets stolen. Chong Xuezhi is banished from her home and assassins are sent after her. She survives through the help of Shangguan Tou and they fall in love. Chong Xuezhi is reunited with her second father Lin Chang and learns that her mother left behind two secret manuscripts to counter the Lotus God Nine Stance Technique. Meanwhile, a mysterious man who has mastered the technique has committed multiple murders, instilling fear amongst the people. Despite the hardships and misunderstandings between them, Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi join hands to reveal the evil mastermind and bring peace back to the lands.


Zhao Wen Hao Support Role
Han Ye Support Role
Chun Kit Chang Support Role
Ma Qian Support Role
Patrick Quan Support Role
Li Zong Han Support Role
Bao Tian Qi Support Role
Chen Yu Qi Main Role
Zhou Ting Wei Main Role
Luo Yunxi Main Role
Tian Yi Tong Main Role
Yu Xin Yan Guest Role
Sam Ho Unknown Role
Shao Chang Yong Unknown Role