Angelo (2017)

Tian Shi De Xing Fu, An Angel's Happiness, Happiness of an Angel, 天使的幸福

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 30

7.5 374 10 0


This is the story of a single mom, her HIV-positive daughter and a doctor that walks into their lives. Li Xiao Han is the comely single mom whose angelic little girl unknowingly contracts HIV. An Jie Luo is an accomplished doctor who loses his girlfriend to a terminal illness and then goes looking for the mother-daughter pair to fulfill his girlfriend's dying wish.


Tsui Jeremy Jiang Feng En Main Role
Ming Dao An Jie Luo / Angelo Main Role
Chiang Jessie Xu Yi Yun Main Role
Liu Cecilia Li Xiao Han Main Role
Wang Molly Wei Wei Supporting Role
Ko Grace [Jiang Feng En's mother] Supporting Role
Lu Kelsey Yan Yuo Fang [An Jie Luo's ex-girlfriend] Guest Role


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