Another Era (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Detective , Vampire , HK | Episodes 36

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In response to this, Guan Shuming, the producer of "Gen Genesis", admitted that he had to postpone the first broadcast of the "Re-" drama because the mainland approval document has not been approved so far. "In fact, I have been talking all the way. I hope to introduce the slogan as soon as possible. But because I am an "approval drama", I have to wait for an approval approval. Everything is normal and tight, if you say the end of July ( The first broadcast), and the family is in July, I believe that it will not be able to catch up. If it is a generous statement, I should start to publicize it, and you will be scared." The "approval drama" that the supervisor said means The broadcasting channels include mainland TV stations and mainland video websites. The approval standards are different from those on the website. The former is stricter.


Chau Pakho Support Role
Chung Linda Support Role
Poon Pat Unknown
Yeung Tavia Main Role
Chow Niki Main Role
Yuen Benjamin Main Role
Kwok Roger Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Detective , Vampire , HK