Arimura Kasumi no Satsukyu (2020)


Drama , Drama , Family , Life , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 8

8.1 139 10 0


Arimura Kasumi suddenly gets a break from filming and returns to her hometown for the first time in a long while. Her mother Yumiko comes to the train station to pick her up and they head for the family home. She is idly chatting with her mother at home when a male stranger comes to visit. His name is Ueshima Makoto. He puts his hands together in front of Kasumi’s father’s tablet. Then her mother asks him to repair a bicycle. At Yumiko’s invitation, the three of them have dinner together. 


Nomaguchi Tohru Manager Tsukamoto Support Role
Daisuke Kuroda Producer Hatakeyama Support Role
Arimura Kasumi [Herself] Main Role
Yagira Yuuya Takeda Kevin (Ep. 4) Guest Role
Kaneda Akio Onishi Toshimichi (Ep.1) Guest Role
Tokunaga Eri Hoshi Ikuko (Ep.6) Guest Role
Watanabe Daichi Sawamoto Seiichi (Ep. 6) Guest Role
Ito Sairi Yuko (Ep. 2) Guest Role
Kasamatsu Sho Kondo Yoshiaki (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Wakaba Ryuya Tanaka (Ep. 2) Guest Role
Saeki Daichi (EP. 2) Guest Role
Mitsushima Shinnosuke Ueshima Makoto (Ep.1) Guest Role
Ueki Shohei (EP. 2) Guest Role
Hori Haruna [Nurse] (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Shimizu Hazuki [Nurse] (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Matsuoka Izumi [Nurse] (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Lily Franky Himura Masaki (Ep. 3) Guest Role
Tamura Kentaro Kiyoshi (Ep.8) Guest Role
Yano Masato Yoshiyama Ryosuke (Ep. 2) Guest Role
Fubuki Jun Arimura Yumiko (Ep. 1) Guest Role
Imaizumi Rikiya Unknown Role
Koreeda Hirokazu Unknown Role
Yokohama Satoko Unknown Role