Arrows on the Bowstring (2013)


Drama , Action , Drama , Family , Historical , Military , War , Chinese | Episodes 42

7.5 334 10 0


Set in 1940s China, Manchuria has been invaded- now a puppet state under the Empire of Japan. Xu Yi Hang and her two siblings are skilled archers from a military family who, after facing tragedy at the hands of invading Japanese, travel to the city of Chang De to avenge their family. Rong Shi is from an influential family who has surrendered to Japanese control and branded a traitor by his city. Soon Xu Yi Hang and Rong Shi and find themselves in the midst of a desperate resistance between Japanese control and the people of Chang De. Edit Translation English Español Polski Bahasa Indonesia


Wang Chun Yuan Jingkou Zhi Shu Support Role
Yang Zhi Gang Jincheng Shao Zuo Support Role
Wu Jing Mother Xu Support Role
Wang Zi Rui Rong Shu Support Role
Guo Ming Xiang Qing Shui Er Shi San Support Role
Xu Xiang Dong National Brigadier Support Role
Li Jun Xu Yin Shu Support Role
Yang Hong Wu Chang Lu Lin Support Role
Zhu Jia Zhen Sun Zhe Yi Support Role
Chen Yu Wen Zhang He Support Role
Yu Hong Liang Jiang Yan Support Role
Jing Chao Zhao Hua Support Role
Ren Shuai Suo Jie Support Role
Lu Peng Zhu Mu Chunyi Support Role
Li Yuan Peng Chao Support Role
Zhang Wei Na Rong Yi Support Role
He Ming Han Xu Jin Chuan Main Role
Jiang Rulu Xu Yi Hang Main Role
Jin Dong Rong Shi Main Role
Chen Long Lu Liang Biao Main Role
Pan Zhi Lin Xu Er Hang Main Role