Ashi Girl (2017)

Ashi Gaaru, アシガール

Drama , Comedy , Historical , Manga , Romance , Sci-Fi , Japanese | Episodes 12

8.3 903 10 0


Hayakawa Yui is a 16-year-old girl whose only strong point is her ability to run fast. She accidentally goes back in time to the Warring States era where she makes use of her ability on the battlefield to protect her beloved young prince. Through finding a goal to work towards to, Yui finds a new world waiting for her as she uses her power to change the person she loves and move the people she meets.


Ishiguro Ken Hagi Tadataka Support Role
Kawaei Rina Matsumaru Ako Support Role
Issey Ogata Amano Nobushige Support Role
Masu Takeshi Chihara Mototsugu Support Role
Nakajima Hiroko Hayakawa Mikako Support Role
Furutachi Kanji Hayakawa Satoru Support Role
Tomosaka Rie Yoshino Support Role
Shimoda Shota Hayakawa Takeru Support Role
Kanada Satoshi Amano Koheita Support Role
Iida Kisuke Amano Nobuchika Support Role
Masana Bokuzo Professor Kimura Masahide Support Role
Tanaka Misato Hisashi Support Role
Nakamura Shizuka Fuki Support Role
Takei Ryosuke Support Role
Yamamoto Ryuji Sakaguchi Toshihisa Support Role
Kato Ryo Koyama Munekuma Support Role
Murata Takehiro Koyama Sokaku Support Role
Kentaro Hagi Tadakiyo (Wakagimi) Main Role
Kuroshima Yuina Hayakawa Yui / Yuinosuke Main Role
Matsushita Yuya Hagi Shigeyuki Main Role
Mochida Kanako Jijo Takayama (ep.11-12) Guest Role