Avengers Social Club (2017)

Buam-dong Revengers, Buam-dong Revenge Social Club, Buam-dong Avenger Social Club, Buamdong Revenge Social Club, Buamdong Boksoojadeul, Bogsuja Sosyeolkeulleob, 부암동 복수자들

Drama , Drama , Friendship , Manga , Korean | Episodes 12

8.4 1174 10 0


Features three women from different walks of life coming together for revenge: a fish store ajumma who envisioned a better life for herself, a housewife who grew up an orphan, and a chaebol’s daughter who was raised like a delicate greenhouse flower. They’re an unlikely trio who would never otherwise meet, but they join forces to carry out their individual revenges. Although they start out as co-conspirators, along the way they’ll build a strong friendship.


Lee Yo Won Kim Jung Hye Main Role
Ra Mi Ran Hong Do Hee Main Role
Myung Se Bin Lee Mi Sook Main Role
Choi Byung Mo Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Friendship , Manga , Korean