Baan Nee Pee Mai Pop (2015)

บ้านนี้ผี(ไม่)ปอบ, บ้านนี้ผีไม่ปอบ

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episode 33

7.3 600 10 0


Baan Pong Bpop is well-known about ghost, but for preparation a place for Teacher Chawaeng and other student group in project. After four of them get off a train, and change a bus for going Baan Pong Bpop, but a bus send them to Baan Pong Bpop. Because it has no street to it. Fern and Fuk a niece of grandma Faeng go through a cemetery for catching a frog. Both ofthem unexpectedly hear a plan of Ratuay a son of headman Ratuek who have power in here. He plan with Foon and Rin his subordinate that he will force Fern. So Fern pretend to be a ghost for haunting Ratuay and his subordinate, but she also meet real ghost, and run away too. Both of Ratuay and Fern are running away from ghost, and hit with Pol group. Four of them misunderstand that Fern is ghost, so they run to a cemetery, and be haunted by real ghost.


Pinthong Pensri Support Role
Chitbanchong Narawit Support Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Thailand