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Drama , Drama , Family , Food , Friendship , Life , Chinese | Episodes 12

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He Jiong, Huang Lei, Peng Yu Chang and Wendy Zhang travel to a rural part of Xiangxi in the Hunan province to live as farmers and host celebrity guests. As part of the program, guests can order a few dishes before their arrival in the show and "work" for their dishes by doing farm work and housework. At the end of the day, everyone comes together to have dinner together and have fun.


Allen Ren Guest
Wu Xin Guest
Zhang Wendy Regular Member
Han Greg Guest
Guo Qi Lin Guest
Vega Li Guest
Tao Hong Guest
Zhou Shen Guest
Sha Yi Guest
Zhou Xun Guest
Hu Xian Xu Guest
Du Haitao Guest
Peng Yu Chang Regular Member
Zhong Ren Guest
Mao Bu Yi Guest
Huang Lei Regular Member
Hai Qing Guest
He Jiong Regular Member