Backflow (2017)

Reverse, Yeokryu, 역류

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 120

7.5 1327 10 0


A drama about the battle between people for love and revenge.


Jung Sung Mo Kang Baek San Support Role
Ji Eun Sung Kim Jae Min [In Yeong's younger brother] Support Role
Lee Eung Kyung Yang Soo Kyung [In Yeong's mother] Support Role
Lee Hyun Kul Support Role
Bae Han Chul Director
Jung Ae Ri Yeo Hyang Mi Support Role
Im Do Yoon Gong Da Mi Support Role
So Hee Jung Support Role
Nam Myung Ryul Support Role
Shin Da Eun Kim In Yeong Main Role
Lee Jae Hwang Kang Dong Bin Main Role
Seo Do Young Kang Joon Hee Main Role
Kim Hae In Chae Yoo Ran Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Korean



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