Bad Papa (2018)


Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | Episodes: 20

7.9 1840 10 0


Yoo Ji Cheo makes a difficult decision to become a bad person in order to become a good father. He used to be a top boxer, but he lost everything in a heartbreaking moment. All his hard earned money and fame vanished overnight. After hitting rock bottom, he decides to gain control of his life again through mixed martial arts. [MyDramaList]


Park Ji Bin Support Role
Kwon Eun Bin Kim Sang Ah Support Role
Kim Wook Lee Hyun Soo Support Role
Jung Sung Ho Support Role
Kang In Gi Support Role
Lee David Kim Yong Dae Support Role
Jung Man Shik Support Role
Kim Jae Kyung Cha Ji Woo Support Role
Ha Joon Lee Min Woo Support Role
Kim Byung Choon Park Min Shik Support Role
Shin Eun Soo Yoo Young Son Main Role
Son Yeo Eun Choi Sun Joo Main Role
Jang Hyuk Yoo Ji Cheol Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean