Battle of Changsha (2014)


Drama , Family , Historical , Life , Romance , War , Chinese | Episodes 32

9.2 1851 10 0


Battle of Changsha retells the turbulent events of the second Sino-Japanese war through the perspective of the Hu family, particularly through the eyes of a 16 year old girl named Xiang Xiang and her twin brother, Xiao Man. Gu Qing Ming, is a strict Intelligence Officer in the Nationalist Army from a prominent political family. The feisty fun-loving Xiang Xiang and the arrogant Gu Qing Ming start off on bad terms, however their romance blossoms as they constantly bump into each other.


Niu Jun Feng Hu Xiang Jiang / "Xiao Man" Main Role
Huo Wallace Gu Qing Ming / Gu Shao Huan Main Role
Yang Zi Hu Xiang Xiang Main Role
Ren Cheng Wei Xue Jun Shan Main Role
Gao Xin Liu Ming Han Supporting Role
Wang Cai Ping Hu Shi Nai Nai [Grandmother] Supporting Role
Yang Xin Ming Hu Chang Ning Supporting Role
Liu Zhen Jun Liu Xiu Xiu Supporting Role
Ying Zi Jin Feng Supporting Role
Lu Xia Gu Qin Yun Supporting Role
Sun Meng Jia Shui Lan Supporting Role
Mu Li Yan Liu Duoci Supporting Role
Wang Hong Hu Xiao Qiu Supporting Role
Feng Hui Sheng Supporting Role
Zhang Yi Jie Hu Xiang Shui Supporting Role
Zuo Xiao Qing Hu Xiang Jun Supporting Role
Jin Dong Wang Kai Fu (Ep.32) Guest Role
Wang Yong Quan Hu Unknown Role
Yue Yang Unknown Role