Be Careful Delicacy (2018)

Xin Wo Yao Fang Da Zhao Le, 小心我要放大招了

Drama , Comedy , Food , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 12

7.6 651 10 0


A story between two people who bond over food and running a bed and breakfast. Zhao Xiao Xin is a 24-year-old young woman who loves food and dreams of becoming an illustrator. Due to circumstances, she hits the lowest point of her life. Just when she was at a loss on what to do, she comes across an article promoting homestay as a means of healing. She decides to visit the uniquely themed bed and breakfast in hopes that it could be her lifeline. However, she discovers that Fang Da Zhao who runs the place may be forced to close down the business. Desperate to save it, he sweet talks Xiao Xin into staying on as a chef. 


Liu Cya Zhao Xiao Xin Main Role
Adonis Liao Fang Da Zhao Main Role
Zhao Cheng Yu Fang Da Zhao Main Role