Because It's The First Time (2015)

Friends 2015, Peurenjeu 2015, Cheoeumiraseo, 처음이라서

Drama , Friendship , Romance , Korean | Episodes 8

7.8 1576 10 0


With a freewheeling personality, Yoon Tae-O is a 20-years-old freshman in college. He has been friends with Han Song-Yi since they were little. Now, he begins to have feelings for the girl who has a bright and positive personality. Meanwhile, Tae-O has a friend, Seo Ji-An, who is well-behaved and exemplary. A love triangle brews between these three people.


Cho Hye Jung Oh Ga Rin Main Role
Jung Eugene Ryoo Se Hyun Main Role
Park So Dam Han Song Yi Main Role
Kim Min Jae Seo Ji An Main Role
Lee Yi Kyung Choi Hoon Main Role
Choi Min Ho Yoon Tae Oh Main Role
Ahn Nae Sang [Yoon Tae Oh's father] Supporting Role
Jung Man Shik [Seo Ji An's father] Supporting Role
Hong Seok Cheon [Coffee Shop Manager](Ep.1) Guest Role
Kim Gun Guest Role
Jung Kyung Ho [Cop](Ep.2) Guest Role
Im Yoon Ah Guest Role
Yoon Hyun Min [Cop](Ep.2) Guest Role
Ahn Woo Yeon Unknown Role
Lee Doo Suk Unknown Role