Because of Meeting You (2017)

Yin Wei Yu Jian Ni, Because of You, 因为遇见你

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 56

7.7 4369 10 0


Zhang Guo Guo grew up in a Wonton shop and is also the food-delivery girl for the town. Although Guo Guo did not receive very high education, she is loved by her neighborhood because of her enthusiastic and sincere personality. But what people don’t know is that Guo Guo is actually a famous embroidery workshop boss‘s daughter, and an accident caused her to grow up in the small town. Guo Guo has a unique talent when it comes to embroidery. Even though Wang Ai Yu strongly opposes it, Guo Guo worked with dedication and persistence until she gained approval and earned a chance to study at her father’s embroidery workshop. Guo Guo is very grateful for Wang Aiyu for raising her, so she views Wang Ai Yu’s biological daughter, Zhang Yu Xin, as her own family. Unexpectedly, Yu Xin turns out to be Guo Guo’s biological mother Xu Hui Jie’s apprentice. Yu Xin had studied design overseas and integrated that knowledge into her embroidery, and became Guoguo’s rival. On the road to pursuing their dreams, the two girls meet brothers Li Yun Kai and Li Yun Zhe, and love blossoms. Yu Xin lost herself to fame and wealth, but Guo Guo, despite challenges and setbacks, never changed her goal to learn embroidery. Ultimately, Guo Guo used her heart to awaken everyone’s conscience and made great achievements in embroidery.


Sun Yi Zhang Guo Guo / Jin Yi Bei Main Role
Deng Lun Li Yun Kai Main Role
Wu You Zhang Yu Xin Main Role
Dai Chao Li Yun Zhe Main Role
Ni Jing Yang Wu Lisa Supporting Role
Pan Joy Xu Hui Jie Supporting Role
Liu Min Tao Song Xiu Hua Supporting Role
Li Hao Han Jin Zhi Da Supporting Role
Li Shang En Zhang Yu Xin [Young] Supporting Role
Chen Jerry Li Yun Zhe [Young] Supporting Role
Dai Mo Wang Wei Supporting Role
Wang Apple Zhang Guo Guo / Jin Yi Bei [Young] Supporting Role
Xia Yang Xu Xiao Qin Supporting Role
Li Zhi Nan Lu Si Chen Supporting Role
Wang Ting Wen Zhang Le Tong / Li Le Tong Supporting Role
Wu Jing Dong Li Jun Supporting Role
Guo Hong Wang Ai Yu Supporting Role
Luo Gang Jin Zhi Ming Supporting Role
Xia Zhi Qing Ding Wei Supporting Role
Wang Lily [Teacher] Supporting Role
Zhao Yan Song Li Hai Song Supporting Role
Zhao Qian He Juan / He Jin Hua Supporting Role
Li Mou Li Hai Lan Supporting Role
Jia Marc Jiang Zheng Chuan Supporting Role
Ru White Gao Ya Ting Supporting Role
Luo Gang Jin Zhi Ming Supporting Role
Huang Tian Qi Li Yun Kai [Young] Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Chinese