Beijing Drifters Love Story (2019)


Drama , Friendship , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 12

7.8 92 10 0


Beijing is a city where young men and women chase their dreams. In a place where dreams begin, Su Ke starts on a road to finding love and fulfilling her dreams. Su Ke is a traditional woman from the South. Despite her family's objections, she gets on the next train heading North in order to pursue a career in broadcasting. However, she has one more goal in mind. Her senior whom she has had a crush on for many years is also in Beijing. Like Su Ke, her two friends also wish for a successful career and a love life. The three women met at their first jobs though the company has gone bankrupt. Hence, they embark on a new chapter of their lives. At times, they feel joy, sadness or pain, but they learn to take it all in as part of a new experience.