Between (2018)


Drama , Romance , Taiwan | Episodes 26

7.8 2435 10 0


What does it mean to be a “sandwich girl”? Su Hsiao Ching is a young professional woman in her late 20s who faces pressures from all aspects of her life. She works hard to be successful in her career while also trying to balance the pressures from her family and personal relationships. Things take a more chaotic turn when two men enter Hsiao Ching’s life. Luo Cheng Kai is the new eccentric,demanding CEO of Hsiao Ching’s company who holds her career in his hands. Qu Zhih Jun is a professional photographer who becomes Hsiao Ching’s new landlord. What kind of power will these two men hold over Hsiao Ching’s professional and personal happiness?


Ting Elten Wu Shu Hui Support Role
Chang Roy Wang Zi Ren Support Role
Wu Winnie Wu Mi Bao Support Role
Liu Amanda Summer Support Role
Cheng Carol Wan Gui Fei Support Role
Kuo Angus Jia Bo Si Support Role
Lin Cosmos Li Li An Support Role
Lin Wei Song Hong De Support Role
Hai Heaven Jiang Mei Yun Support Role
Chang Marcus Luo Cheng Kai Main Role
Lee Sean Gu Zhao Xuan Main Role
Yeh Esther Su Xiao Qing Main Role
Lin Sam Qu Zi Jun Main Role
Liao Kelly Han Zhi Xin Main Role
Chen John Qiu Zong Guest Role