Big Man (2014)


Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 16

7.5 873 10 0


Kim Ji Hyuk is a poor orphan who has no money or connections in the world, that is until he suddenly discovers that he is the chaebol of a rich family, the HyunSung Group. When he discovers the truth that it was all a conspiracy to steal his heart as a transplant for a failing family member, he decides to take revenge on the family, including their true son and heir, an outwardly congenial man who is actually a two-faced, cunning rival.


Choi Daniel Kang Dong Suk Main Role
Lee Da Hee So Mi Ra Main Role
Jung So Min Kang Jin Ah Main Role
Kang Ji Hwan Kim Ji Hyeok Main Role
Jang Hang Sun Jo Hwa Soo Supporting Role
Han Sang Jin Do Sang Ho Supporting Role
Yoon So Hee So Hye Ra Supporting Role
Uhm Hyo Seop Kang Seong Wook Supporting Role
Lee Dae Yeon Kim Han Doo Supporting Role
Kim Ki Cheon Supporting Role
Cha Hwa Yun Choi Yoon Jung Supporting Role
Kim Mi Kyung Mi Ra's mother Supporting Role
Lee Hae Woo Moon Myung Ho Supporting Role
Jang Tae Sung Yang Dae Sup Supporting Role
Na Seung Ho Assistant Manager Lee Supporting Role
Kim Ji Hoon Choi Yoo Jae Supporting Role
Song Ok Sook Hong Dal Sook Supporting Role
Kwon Hae Hyo Goo Duk Kyu Supporting Role
Song Jae Rim Park Dong Pal Guest Role
Park Ji Il Surgeon / Doctor Guest Role
Lee Tae Woo Kim Ji Hyuk (young) Guest Role
Park Won Sang Homicide detective Guest Role
Choi Jung Hwa [Reporter] Guest Role
Kim Ji Hoon Guest Role
Lee Sung Min [High-ranking government official] Guest Role
Nam Da Reum Kang Dong Suk (young) Guest Role
Jung Dong Gyu [Judge] Guest Role
Oh Sang Jin News anchor (Ep.15-16) Guest Role
Mun Jong Won Yong Man Guest Role