Birth of a Hero (2018)
Ep 16


  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: TVB

Birth of a Hero (2018)

Wulin Revival;, 翻生武林

Drama , Historical , Martial Arts , HK | Episodes 20

7.5 719 10 0


Edwin Siu, a storyteller who does not know martial arts, and Grace Chan, a former Eastern Depot official who had a change of heart and is skilled in martial arts, cannot stand to see this "plastic" version of wulin. They unite to lead a group of heroes who are past their prime to stand up again and save wulin together! With a non-traditional wuxia world as the background, a series that is appropriate for ancient and modern times, it is humorous and will make people think back and smile.


Kan Rachel Main Host
Tong Roxanne Main Host
Cai Guo Qing Support Role
Chak Tyson Main Host
Tam Gary Main Host
Yeung Harriet Main Host
Chan Grace Main Role
Wong Ben Main Role
Siu Edwin Main Role

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Drama , Historical , Martial Arts , HK