Blossom in Heart (2019)

Hai Tang Jing Yu Yan Zhi Tou, Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain, Begonia Rouge, Jellyfish Through the Rain, Sea Otter Through the Rain Rouge, 海棠经雨胭脂透

Drama , Business , Drama , Historical , Romance , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 52

7.5 284 10 0


Gu Hai Tang is a beautiful young woman of marriageable age. In search for her father's whereabouts, she arrives in Kunyang and encounters Yue Xuan, the Lang Family's second son. An argument between them gets them uncomfortably acquainted with each other. Gu Hai Tang finds work at the Lang Family's rouge making factory and catches the eye of Yue Ming, the family's eldest son. In order to make her his bride, the Lang Family tricks Hai Tang into a fake wedding and when she finds out that she had married Yue Ming, she becomes hateful towards Yue Xuan for deceiving her. Promising to cure Yue Ming's face in exchange for her divorce papers, Hai Tang gains her freedom. Yue Xuan is racked with guilt over his actions and comes to realize that he loves Hai Tang. He starts to pursue her once more but their love is both passionate and painstaking. After Yue Ming recovers, his obsession spirals into hatred. He becomes the couple's rival in business and attempts to tear them apart. At the same time, the truth behind Hai Tang's father's disappearance begins to resurface.


Fong Alex Lang Si Nian Support Role
Marmalade Zhang Support Role
Xu Wang Zi [small monk] Support Role
Cai Yi Jia Gu Xia He Support Role
Qi Xin Rui Hai Tang (young) Support Role
Huang Howie Shi Ji Zhou Support Role
Zhang Ya Zhuo Long Mo Hua Support Role
Lee Carman Feng Chun Yan Support Role
Gao Yao Ping Lang Qing Qing Support Role
Dong Li Wu You Lang Yue Xuan [Young] Support Role
Bai Shan Mrs. Shi Support Role
Deng Lun Lang Yue Xuan Main Role
Ying Jun Lang Yue Ming Main Role
Li Yi Tong Gu Hai Tang Main Role

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Drama , Business , Drama , Historical , Romance , Youth , Chinese

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