Bodhisattva in Storm (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: PTS

Bodhisattva in Storm (2018)


Drama , Crime , Historical , Investigation , Mystery , Taiwan | Episodes 4

8.7 17 10 0


In 1946, the cargo ship "Chaofeng Pill" returned from Japan to Keelung Port, and the ship was filled with Taiwanese people who traveled to Japan. Tao Zhanwen, a well-known Chinese student who detected the murder in Japan, also came to Bodhisattva with his friend Yang Huiming, but he encountered a series of bizarre murders... 


Chang Han Support Role
Kuo Ryan Support Role
Wu Jian He Yang Hui Min Main Role
Liu Guan Ting Main Role
Lin Cosmos Lin Cai Qin Main Role
Wu Chris Tao Zhan Wen Main Role
Liu Esther Lin Zhu Ying Main Role
Ko Lawrence Main Role

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Drama , Crime , Historical , Investigation , Mystery , Taiwan