Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de (2020)


Drama , Drama , Fantasy , Friendship , Romance , School , Japanese | Episodes 8

8 403 10 0


Childhood friends Kota (Sano Hayato) and Mei (Iitoyo Marie) were third-year students in high school when Kota suddenly died. Seven years later, Mei returns to her hometown and visits a place with mid-winter cherry blossom trees that was special to her and Kota. To her surprise, Kota, who is supposed to be dead, appears. He is still 17 in mind and body while she is now 24. Kota can only be here while the cherry blossom blooms. Will he be able to tell Mei his feelings with the time he has left?


Watanabe Yutaro Yoshimura Ryohei Support Role
Hamano Kenta Kamifuji Daiki Support Role
Hakamada Yoshihiko Akaike Kazushige Support Role
Yuki Kousei Ishikawa Iori Support Role
Ishida Hikari Sometani Shino Support Role
Yoshi Kamifuji Naoki Support Role
Furuta Airi Ogami Yuna Support Role
Shibue Joji Support Role
Ando Sei Support Role
Otomo Karen Noda Haruka Support Role
Iitoyo Marie Konno Mei Main Role
Sano Hayato Sometani Kouta Main Role
Suzuki Yuuka Guest Role