Border Town Prodigal (2016)

Bian Cheng Lang Zi, Edge City Wanderer, 新边城浪子

Drama , Historical , Melodrama , Wuxia , Chinese | Episodes 50

7.6 1121 10 0


The leader of the Divine Knife sect, Bai Tian Yu, was mysteriously ambushed and killed in the border town Plum Nunnery. Twenty years later, Fu Hong Xue, leaves the western regions and returned to the central plains (China) in order to investigate his adopted father’s death. At the same time, Bai Tian Yu and Hua Bai Feng’s biological son, Ye Kai, also left for the border town. The two find that it was Bai Tian Yu’s sworn brother, Ma Kong Qun, who organized the assassination. As luck would have it, Ma Kong Qun’s beautiful daughter, Ma Fang Ling falls for Fu Hong Xue, while Ye Kai falls for her…together, they will face Ma Kong Qun.


Zhang Viann Ma Fang Ling Main Role
Zhu Yi Long Fu Hong Xue Main Role
Yu Qing Bin Ye Kai Main Role
Gong Mi Ding Ling Lin Main Role
Zhang Johnny Lu Xiao Jia Supporting Role
Jiao Vincent Xiao Bie Li Supporting Role
Song Will Ding Xuan Zhi Supporting Role
Chai Bi Yun Cui Nong Supporting Role

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Drama , Historical , Melodrama , Wuxia , Chinese