Born Again (2020)

dasi taeeonada, 다시 태어나다, Bon eogein, 본 어게인

Drama , Drama , Melodrama , Mystery , Romance , Korean | Episodes 32

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This drama is about a detective, his lover, and an obsessed serial killer from the 1980s are reincarnated as a prosecutor, an archaeologist, and a medical student in the present day.



Kim Jung Nan Jang Hye Mi [Sang Ah's mother] Support Role
Park Sang Hoon Cheon Jong Woo [Jong Bum's younger brother] Support Role
Jung In Kyum Gong In Woo [Ji Cheol's father] Support Role
Choi Kwang Il Cheon Seok Tae [Jong Bum's father] Support Role
Yoo Ji Yeon Jang Hye Mi [1980s] Support Role
Lee Seo El Baek Sang Ah [Hye Mi's daughter] Support Role
Kim Min Sun Namgoong Joo Hye Support Role
Kim Hee Jung Kim Seo Ra [Jong Bum's mother] Support Role
Min Ji Jay [Sa Bin's roommate] Support Role
Jang Won Young Joo In Do Support Role
Lee Soo Hyuk Cha Hyung Bin [1980] | Kim Soo Hyuk [Present] Main Role
Jin Se Yeon Jung Ha Eun [1980] | Jung Sa Bin [Present] Main Role
Jang Ki Yong Gong Ji Cheol [1980] | Cheon Jong Bum [Present] Main Role
Jin Hyung Wook Unknown Role
Jung Soo Mi Unknown Role

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Drama , Drama , Melodrama , Mystery , Romance , Korean