Boukyaku no Sachiko (2018)

A Meal Makes Her Forget, 忘却のサチコ

Drama , Food , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 15

7.4 439 10 0


Sasaki Sachiko is an editor of Sarara, a literary magazine. Called “Iron Lady”, she has earned the respect of her colleagues for her perfectionism and diligence. After her groom Shungo disappeared all of a sudden on the day of their wedding, she discovered that delicious food could help her forget him. Several months later, Sachiko is reminded of Shungo again and again by the appearance of two writers – one with a tendency to wander off and the other a social recluse – as well as a new employee who cannot read situations. When that happens, Sachiko turns to food. Then Shungo shows up …


Oshima Satomi Screenwriter
Saotome Taichi Support Role
Owada Shinya Support Role
Izumiya Shigeru Support Role
Sato Megumi Support Role
Ikeda Tetsuhiro Support Role
Hasegawa Tomoharu Support Role
Kiyohara Sho Support Role
Takahata Mitsuki Sasaki Sachiko Main Role