Brilliant Heritage (2020)

기막힌 유산

Drama , Comedy , Drama , Family , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | Episodes 120

7.9 1086 10 0


A warm and educational family drama about a 33 year-old unmarried woman conspires to marry a millionaire in his 80s and looking for family love with his four handsome sons.


Kim Ka Yeon Shin Ae Ri Support Role
Nam Sung Jin Boo Geum Kang Support Role
Kang Shin Jo Boo Baek Doo Support Role
Rho Sang Bo Jung Tae Support Role
Jo Yang Ja Seong Pan Geum Support Role
Lee Eung Kyung Kim Yong Mi Support Role
Lee Ah Hyun Yoon Min Joo Support Role
Park Woong Support Role
Park Shin Woo Boo Han Ra Support Role
Park Soon Chun Jung Mi Hee Support Role
Lee Hye Sook Support Role
Jung Won Joong Gong Suk Hwan Support Role
Go Na Eun Gong Gye Ok Main Role
Shin Jung Yoon Boo Seol Ahk Main Role
Park In Hwan Boo Young Bae Main Role
Kim Hyung Il Unknown Role
Kim Kyung Hee Unknown Role