Chiisana Kyojin (2017)

Small Giant, Little Giants, 小さな巨人

Drama , Crime , Detective , Japanese | Episodes 10

7.7 119 10 0


Chief Kosaka of the No. 1 Investigative Enforcement Division is highly talented and is thought to be a sure choice for Superintendent in the future. This year, however, although he was successful in solving this year’s third HQ incident, a mistake made in the investigative process has caused him to be demoted to another post. Although he has wandered from the fast track to promotion, his new co-workers do their best – in their own feckless way – to solve petty incidents, always believing in their own sense of justice. As Kosaka reflects on his mission as a policeman and his own thoughts on justice, he learns to believe in himself as he fights against “evil.” 


Ichikawa Mikako Kosaka Misa Support Role
Yatsu Hiroyuki Screenwriter
Ikeda Tetsuhiro Sugimoto Manabu Support Role
Inoue Yoshio Yokozawa Yūichi Support Role
Kanno Misuzu Sudō Fumika Support Role
Yoshine Kyoko Mishima Yuri Support Role
Yoshida You Ikezawa Naho Support Role
Nakamura Anne Yokozawa Ami Support Role
Kentaro Ushio Screenwriter
Kenta Tanaka Director
Akihiko Watase Director
Ikeda Katsuhiko Director
Ryusei Ryo Nakamura Toshiya Support Role
Kagawa Teruyuki Onoda Yoshinobu Support Role
Shunputei Shota Mikasa Yohei Support Role
Suruga Taro Fujikura Ryoichi Support Role
Tezuka Toru Yanagisawa Hajime Support Role
Kaji Masaki Higashiyama Tomoyuki Support Role
Ishiguro Hideo Sekiguchi Kazuya Support Role
Okuma Hirotaka Terai Tomohiro Support Role
Kato Haruhiko Nakata Ryūichi Support Role
Nagae Hidekazu Kazami Yasuo Support Role
Tominaga Saori Kazami Kyoko Support Role
Umezawa Tomio Tominaga Takuzō Support Role
Yusuke Santamaria Yabe Takashi Support Role
Kojima Kazuya Oshima Support Role
Sasaki Nozomi Yamamoto Arisa Support Role
Kamio Yu Katayama Shouzo Support Role
Takahashi Mitsuomi Matsuoka Support Role
Yasuda Ken Watanabe Hisashi Support Role
Okada Masaki Haruhiko Yamada Main Role
Hasegawa Hiroki Shinichiro Kosaka Main Role



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