Children of a Lesser God (2018)

작은 신의 아이들

Drama , Mystery , Supernatural , Korean | Episode 16

8 1589 10 0


Cheon Jae In is a detective and he is extremely smart. He is guided by only facts, logic and numbers. Kim Dan is a detective. She possesses a superhuman ability involving her vision. They are totally different in personality, but they work together to uncover a conspiracy involving a powerful organization.


Lee Elliya Baek Ah Hyun Support Role
Han Seo Jin Kim Dan [Young] Support Role
Jo Min Ki Support Role
Lee Hyo Jung Baek Do Kyu Support Role
Ahn Kil Kang Support Role
Kang Shin Hyo Director
Yeon Je Hyung Gye Do Hoon Support Role
Shim Hee Seop Main Role
Kang Ji Hwan Chun Jae In Main Role
Kim Ok Bin Kim Dan Main Role

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Trailer Children of a Lesser God

Drama , Mystery , Supernatural , Korean