Chong Er's Preach (2018)
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Chong Er's Preach (2018)

Legend of Zhong Er, 重耳传

Drama , Drama , Historical , Chinese | Episodes 80

7.7 866 10 0


Earlier, the 80-episode annual super-quality drama "Heavy Ear Biography" jointly produced by China Film Co., Ltd., Global Haoxiang Films and Alibaba Pictures released the first pilot film. In this edition of the film, the heavy ear (Wang Longhua ornaments), Qi Jiang


Gong Beibi Yun Ji Support Role
Li Zong Han Tai Hao Support Role
Chen Zi Han Zhou Wang Ji Support Role
Yung Yvonne Qi Ji Support Role
Guo Xiao Ran Zhao Cui Support Role
Bao Jian Feng Qi Huan Gong Support Role
Gan Ting Ting Ji Kui Support Role
Quentin Unknown
He Gang Jie Xi Tui Support Role
Cheng Yuan Yuan Shao Ji Support Role
Wang Rebecca Hu Ji Support Role
Lin Yong Jian Qin Mu Gong Support Role
Shen Meng Chen Ying Yue Support Role
Zhang Baby Qi Jiang Main Role
Han Chae Young Li Ji Main Role
Zhang Yi Shan Yi Wu Main Role
Purba Rgyal Shen Sheng Main Role
Wang Henry Chong Er Main Role

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Drama , Drama , Historical , Chinese