Chronicle of Life (2016)

The Chronicles Of Life, 寂寞空庭春欲晚

Drama , Drama , Historical , Life , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 37

7.5 1086 10 0


A beautiful melody, played by a young maiden, catches the attention of Na Lan Rang Ruo, as he recognizes performer to be his cousin, Wei Lin Lang. Seeing his loyal subject's affection, emperor Kang Xi orders Lin Lang to be found and betrothed to Rong Ruo. But prince Fu Quan, who was tasked to do it, notices the emperor also seems to have taken interest in her, and decides to pick another bride, while letting Lin Lang enter the palace and serve Kang Xi.


Zhang Vin Na Lan Rong Ruo Main Role
Lau Hawick Kang Xi Main Role
Zheng Shuang Wei Lin Lang Main Role
Zhang Edward Chang Qing Supporting Role
Yang Ming Na Xiao Hui Supporting Role
Zhang Zhi Xi Hua Zhu Supporting Role
Cheng Eva Cui Juan Supporting Role
Wang Mika Hui Fei Supporting Role
Cao Jasmin Duan Pin Supporting Role
Yim Michelle Xiao Zhuang Supporting Role
Liu Meng Meng Yu Zhu Supporting Role
Liu Tian Ru Yi Chu Supporting Role
Zheng Louis Xiao De Zi Supporting Role
Zhu Xu Dan Duan Min Supporting Role
Zhang Vin Unknown Role