City Hunter (2011)

Sitihunteo, 시티헌터

Drama , Action , Romance , Thriller , Korean | Episodes 20

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‘City Hunter’ is an original script based on the world-famous novel by Japan’s Tsukasa Hojo. Since it became public that Korea would be the first remake of this story into a drama, ‘City Hunter’ has been receiving worldwide attention. ‘City Hunter’ has switched the setting from Tokyo 1980 to Seoul 2011, and according to the original story structure, the protagonist becomes a city hunter and his character develops while resolving gratifying cases. The story takes place in Seoul, 2011. Lee Yoon Sung is a talented MIT-graduate who works on the international communications team in the Blue House. He plans revenge on five politicians who caused his father’s death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo and eventually becomes a “City Hunter.”


Kim Sang Joong Lee Jin Pyo / Steve Lee Main Role
Park Min Young Kim Na Na Main Role
Lee Joon Hyuk Prosecutor Kim Yeong Joo Main Role
Lee Min Ho "Poochai" Lee Yoon Sung Main Role
Baek Seung Hyun Park Ho Shik [Bodyguard chief] Supporting Role
Kim Sang Ho Bae Shik Joong / Bae Man Deok Supporting Role
Choi Jung Woo Chairman Chun Jae Man Supporting Role
Sung Chang Hoon Suk Doo Shik [Cheon Jae Man's henchman] Supporting Role
Jung Joon Kim Sang Gook [Jin Pyo's henchman] Supporting Role
Choi Sung Ho Jang Pil Jae [Yeong Joo's subordinate] Supporting Role
Choi Sang Hoon Candidate Seo Yong Hak Supporting Role
Goo Ha Ra Choi Da Hye [President's daughter] Supporting Role
Choi Il Hwa Kim Jong Shik [Yeong Joo's father] Supporting Role
Lee Kwang Soo Go Ki Jun Supporting Role
Shin Young Jin Kim Mi Ok [Na Na's aunt / Yeong Joo's subordinate] Supporting Role
Chun Ho Jin President Choi Eung Chan Supporting Role
Yang Jin Sung Shin Eun Ah [Bodyguard] Supporting Role
Hwang Sun Hee Jin Se Hee [Yeong Joo's ex-wife - Vet] Supporting Role
Kim Mi Sook Lee Kyung Hee [Yoon Sung's Mom] Supporting Role
Lee Seung Hyung IT Chief Song Yrong Deok Supporting Role
Choi Jin Ho Director Hudson [U.S. military arms dealer](Ep.6) Guest Role
Lee Chae Min [Nun] Guest Role
Yoon Ye Hee Mrs. Yong [First Lady](Ep.2) Guest Role
Min Young Won Min Hee (Ep.2) Guest Role
Lee Hyo Jung Lee Kyung Wan [Senator](Ep.1-4) Guest Role
Maeng Bong Hak [Na Na's dad](Ep.2 & 6) Guest Role
Park Sang Min Park Moo Yeol [Jin Pyo's comrade](Ep.1) Guest Role
Jung Woo Jin Min Jun [Lee Kyung Wan's grandson](Ep.2-3) Guest Role
Shin Chi Young [Reporter](Ep.9) Guest Role
Jung Joon Won Song Do Jin (Ep.2-3 & 5) Guest Role
Chae Sang Woo Lee Yoon Sung [Young](Ep.1) Guest Role
Bang Joon Seo Song Mi Jin (Ep.2-3 & 5) Guest Role
Kim Byung Choon Jang Woo Hyun Guest Role
Yoon Joo Man Unknown Role

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Drama , Action , Romance , Thriller , Korean