Consummation (2020)


Drama , Drama , Mystery , Romance , Suspense , Thriller , Youth , Chinese | Episodes 24

7.8 177 10 0


When a VR game conjures up a realistic dream, youth restarts for a man who returns to his schooldays in a journey of self-healing. Ten years after high school, Lin Shang He, Cui Zhen Yan, and their close friends think of a way to help Xia Shi get over the psychological trauma that he continues to suffer from since Ye Sang Yu's accident. A game takes Xia Shi into the world of virtual reality back to the time when he was a student, thus allowing him to unravel the mystery through his memories to recover a friendship that has been lost.


Wang Yi Zhe Support Role
Huang Xin Yao Support Role
Chang Long Support Role
Yalkun Merxat Support Role
Wang Dong Support Role
Dong Si Yi Support Role
David Chou Support Role
Sean Zheng Support Role
Liu Min Support Role
Zhao Yi Qin Main Role
Li Hao Fei Main Role
Yu Zheng Unknown Role



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