Contrail (2016)


Drama , Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Japanese | Episodes 8

8.2 36 10 0


Aoki Aya is a lonely woman who lost her husband in a random murder six years ago. The son she was expecting at the time of the incident is now 5 years old. One day, she meets truck driver Osabe Ryoji at the drive-in where she works and falls in love with him. However, Ryoji, who abandoned everything including his job as a lawyer, was the perpetrator of her husband's murder six years ago. 


Maruyama Tomomi Support Role
Harada Taizo Support Role
Sakuraba Nanami Support Role
Horiuchi Keiko Support Role
Takabayashi Yukiko Support Role
Iriyama Noriko Support Role
Nakanishi Ryota Support Role
Matsuura Rihito Support Role
Murai Kunio Support Role
Nogiwa Yoko Support Role
Oshinari Shugo Support Role
Torigoe Souma Unknown
Murata Takehiro Support Role
Iura Arata Main Role
Ishida Yuriko Main Role
Nakano Haruto Guest Role
Oishi Shizuka Unknown Role
Yanagawa Tsuyoshi Unknown Role
Hashizume Shinichiro Unknown Role



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