Crazy Queen (2016)


Drama , Adventure , Comedy , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 20

7.7 1977 10 0


Our female lead time-travels to the past and into the body of a female monarch of a kingdom with a male harem of about 30 men. A place where she can get them pregnant.


Wong Yumi Tian Hou Main Role
Li Jia Wen Tian Jue Main Role
Chen Peng Wan Li Zhao Zhu Main Role
Li Xin Bo Ya Gong Shao Supporting Role
Hua Wen Huang Gong Shao Supporting Role
Su Zi Tong Li Gong Shao Supporting Role
Li Cui Cui Di Hou Supporting Role
Zhou Yi Tong Xin Shao Jun Supporting Role
Yang Xin Lin Zhu Supporting Role