Cross Road Season 3 ~ Gunshu no Seigi (2018)
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  • Release: 2018
  • Broadcast network: NHK

Cross Road Season 3 ~ Gunshu no Seigi (2018)

Crossroad, Cross Road 3, クロスロード3 群衆の正義

Drama , Detective , Drama , Investigation , Japanese | Episodes 4

7.7 37 10 0


Serial murders occur in Ota ward. Ozeki Tatsuro (Tachi Hiroshi) who works for the Omo Rinko Police Precinct’s Police Affairs Division is preoccupied with handling phone complaints from residents of the ward. Meanwhile, freelance journalist Itagaki Kohei (Kanda Masaki) is fed up of his job and burns his interview notes on a beach. This is where he finds a young woman (Shida Mirai) who is suffering from a debilitating illness. Itagaki is about to lend her a hand when a man hurls himself at him. He later learns that the man is a journalist Fujishiro Shion (Kazama Shunsuke) who streams videos on Net Scoop. Meanwhile, the serial killer begins drawing attention with posts by Araki Takuma (Tsukamoto Takashi) on a social media site called JUSTICE. The police receives a phone call from Araki who hints at a confession. The investigation task force which had been pursuing another man as a suspect, hastily gets Araki to come voluntarily for questioning but...


Kazama Shunsuke Support Role
Tokushige Satoshi Support Role
Matsumura Hokuto Support Role
Hashimoto Manami Support Role
Tsukamoto Takashi Support Role
Shida Mirai Support Role
Tachi Hiroshi Ozeki Tatsuro Main Role
Kanda Masaki Main Role

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Drama , Detective , Drama , Investigation , Japanese