Crowns of Grass (2020)


Drama , Comedy , Family , Kshow , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 45

7.4 177 10 0


This is a story about people fighting for better lives and looking for opportunities in a big city. Praew and Pangkwan suddenly lost their sister because she was the victim of a hit and run by Purich. Payu got involved in this situation as he’s trying to settle everything out for his brother and the victim’s family. Pangkwan needs to start working in a Northeastern Food Restaurant because of her sister’s death and the restaurant owner happened to be her ex-boyfriend, Dandin. However, the troublesome situation is not over yet, as Purich wants to take the restaurant away from these people. Payu does not like the idea and teams up with Praew to stop Purich and destroy his plan in every way. Will they be able to win the battle with an evil capitalist like Purich or not? 


Cheuyaroon Benjapol Support Role
Pichitra Nahathai Support Role
Atma Chewanitphan Support Role
Arisara Tongborisuth Support Role
Koravich Sarasin Support Role
Chalermpol Malakham Support Role
Prissana Wongsiri Support Role
Yeong Lookyee Support Role
Orly Tatiya Sonsagun Support Role
Natthew Support Role
Tai Orathai Main Role
Phai Phongsathon Main Role
Kaothip Tidadin Main Role
Tree Chainarong Main Role